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"Aji" and IR#4


It's The End of The Beginning


*It's time to double incomes, again.



The Aji Network Conference is a special annual event put on by The Aji Network and hosted by about 100 of our top students whose average incomes are above $600k and whose capital-at-work, or savings for old age, averages more than $4m.


These incomes and savings are what The Aji Network calls “normal” for The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR#4).


These higher “IR#4 Incomes” enable businesspeople to survive, adapt to life’s always changing circumstances and live a good life with their spouse while they raise their family and save enough money, or about $5m, to afford 25+ years of unemployment during their old age.


They also produce “The End of The Beginning” for IR#4, which is very important financially and to live a good life.  I’ll explain this at the Conference.



The Conference is for businesspeople who are serious about earning and saving enough money during their careers to survive, adapt to life’s always changing circumstances and live a good life with their spouse and children.


The purposes of the event are to:


1.  Increase everyone’s competitive capabilities and advantages, productivity, value and incomes ($400k-$4m)


2.  Build everyone’s Networks of Capabilities to open their strategic and competitive capabilities




This is “Aji”.


“Aji” is an IR#4 business philosophy that works only with computers and the internet and enables businesspeople to produce high IR#4 Incomes between $400k-$4m using their computers and the internet.


It is nothing at all like IR#3 business philosophy that is labor-based, task-oriented and common sensical, e.g. working hard doing processes and procedures, being too busy to learn anything, being determined to produce the result, relying on your common sense and thinking outside the box.



As you’ve probably experienced, witnessed or heard about from the baby boomers, businesspeople who continue to use IR#3 business knowledge also continue to generate normal IR#3 incomes.  They are too low to avoid a future in which they run out of money with their spouse during 25+ years of old age. 


This eventually produces chronic financial stress that makes people ill, ruins their quality of life and shortens their lifespans by as much as 20 years.  This is now the baby boomers’ number one fear.


Once chronic financial stress is triggered in old age, it cannot be beaten, avoided or escaped.


Decades of income and savings reports support this claim.




“Aji” is strategic and competitive, rather than task-oriented, and aimed at producing high IR#4 Incomes ($400k-$4m).


When businesspeople use “Aji” they use The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy, which is a fundamental competitive strategy with 12 parts, to roughly double their productivity, value and incomes.


They execute The Strategy using IR#4 Strategic Knowledge, which is the second component of “Aji”, to produce incomes between $400k-$4m.


*You’ll learn about these when you read the introductory chapters to the book.



Simply put, “Aji” is a completely new set of 12 strategic intentions to produce outcomes that are (1) effective, (2) strategic and (3) competitive, rather than efficient and effective as they were in IR#3, and a completely new set of tactical skills to fulfill those intentions.


Together, they enable businesspeople to quit using IR#3’s obsolete business skills and begin to produce much higher IR#4 Incomes and savings.


It’s helpful to remember that “Aji” could not be used, or even imagined, before the invention of computers and the internet, which triggered the beginning of IR#4.




At this year’s Conference, we’ll explain and demonstrate how using “Aji” enables businesspeople to  -- on average --  double their productivity, value and incomes.


Each time “regular businesspeople” adapt to IR#4, or learn something like “Aji”, that enables them to exploit the new strategic and competitive capabilities they make possible, the beginning of IR#4 comes closer to an end.

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