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Please join us at The 2020 Aji Network Conference


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Requirements to Produce Top 1% Incomes in IR#4





Please join us at The 2020 Aji Network Conference.



The Aji Network Conference is a special annual event put on by The Aji Network and hosted by about 100 of our top students whose average incomes are above $800k and whose capital-at-work, or savings for old age, averages more than $4m. 


These incomes and savings are what The Aji Network calls “normal” for The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR#4).


They enable businesspeople to earn and save enough money to live a good life with their spouse and children during adulthood, including having enough money saved to afford the goods and services they are certain to need for 25+ years of unemployment during their old age.



At this year’s Conference, EVERYONE will work together throughout the conference to design how they will produce “Aji Culture” in their networks,


… to double


… the value of their career’s or business’ Capital Structures


… as well as their personal productivity, value and incomes



Building “Aji Culture” is fun as I see it and I’ve been doing it for more than 30 years. 


I expect you will like learning why and how to do it as well as the accomplishments, identities and leadership roles it is bound to create for each of you, too.


It is another way to double your productivity, value and incomes.



I enjoy building “Aji Culture” because the best and most serious businesspeople like it immediately and learn it eagerly.  And, it’s easy to teach for three reasons:


First, it makes sense and seems “obvious” the first time businesspeople hear it, albeit in a completely new way that takes a while to understand.


Second, the more businesspeople learn about Aji, the more they say it explains careers, business and how to earn a living or become rich in IR#4 much more effectively, strategically and competitively than they could, which they like very much.  (It’ll make you look good.)


Third, it enables businesspeople to turn their computers and the internet into the best money-making tools ever invented, which makes businesspeople and their spouses, as well as employers and employees, very happy.



When “Aji Culture” exists in people’s careers, businesses and networks,


… it appears as a stable business philosophy, rather than a fad or good idea,


… with stable principles, practices and outcomes


… that enable the business and its employees who use them to prosper.



To many businesspeople with whom you will work, learning Aji will be a stupendous revelation they could never, ever, have imagined,


… to earn a living, or become rich.



They will thank you for introducing them to Aji.




“Aji Culture” is Real Work,


… and not a fake Carnie Offer or Business Entertainment



How and Why to produce and use “Aji Culture” is a form of work that I will explain at The Conference.



“Work”, as most of you will remember, is a fundamental human concern. 


It exists at all times and under all circumstances for human beings and must be taken care of, or produce outcomes, to a satisfactory standard or people suffer.



The word “work” is a fundamental as well as a generic name for any action human beings perform to fulfill any intention.


Businesspeople “work”, for example, when they act to fulfill their intention to:


​​… earn a living or become rich


… fulfill their marriage vows to their spouse


… raise their children


… entertain themselves at the movies


… relax by the pool and do absolutely nothing


… get dressed in the morning


… calm their mind with meditation



Everything and anything human beings do to fulfill their intentions,


… even if it is ineffective or looks as though they are doing nothing,


… is “work”.




Work is a form of fun…



Work is a form of adult fun when it is enjoyable, creative, fulfilling and successful, which is my experience building “Aji Culture”.


This is true even the culture is established seriously and for a purpose that is deeply meaningful and very important.


It opens new opportunities, changes moods and launches brand new thought and action that is more productive, meaningful and valuable in only 100 days.



If we dig just a bit deeper into the meaning of “work” it’s easy to see that while work in different domains such as earning a living, raising children, exercising, paying the bills or playing golf looks and sounds different,


… they are always about surviving, adapting to life’s always changing circumstances and living a good life


… in a rational universe governed by causes and effects, not magic.



And if we go deeper still, the meanings of “going to work” to earn a living begins to blend into being part of the “work” we do to take care of our marriage and children, our future with them and our dignity.


Another reason I enjoy building “Aji Culture”  -- and anticipate you will, too, --  is it enables everyone to work together in good moods and for shared objectives that are deeply meaningful to everyone and everyone’s families, i.e. earning a living, or becoming rich, in order to adapt, survive and live a good life.


It establishes a new “center” from which everyone thinks and acts strategically and competitively to make sense of their situations and how to fulfill their financial intentions, instead of aimless drift, and hold their roles.


This also that enables them to deal with Carnies and IR#3 Business Bullshitters easily so they can earn and save enough money.



It mobilizes motivation, which is a cool way of saying it connects short-term motivation to long-term financial, career and business objectives to establish an entirely new set criteria and standards for what is and is not “motivating”. 


*   The result of this is always a new-found interest in increasing productivity, value and incomes.



It creates new opportunities for everyone to use their computers and the internet strategically and competitive to build their own Networks of Capabilities and increase their incomes, or turn their primary work tool into the best money-making tool ever invented.


It enables everyone to quit using IR#3’s labor based, task-oriented and commonsensical business philosophy, knowledge and skills that are thwarting their financial, career and business intentions, which happens after about 100 days.




Aji Culture’s Morals and Ethics



I also deeply enjoy the moral and ethical demand “Aji Culture” places on everyone  -- colleagues, employers, employees, vendors and customers --  to behave consistently and coherently as their “best self” with every thought and action. 


Human beings “know” right from wrong at some level…or, they are not human beings.  (They are “monsters”.)


Yes, the ideas need cultivation and education but the sense or difference between what is “right” and what is “wrong” is built in or no amount of instruction works.


And, yes, when people can get away with mis-behaving because what is “right” conflicts with what they want, wish for, desire, prefer or hope for,


… which means they are acting in ways they, or others, say is “wrong”


… because it harms others or society, they often do.



In IR#4, computers and the internet position’s every businessperson’s trustworthiness, value, authority, leadership and dignity to be in direct competition with every other businessperson’s on the internet.


Businesspeople who fail to think and act with integrity,


… or to design and execute steady streams of fresh, new OPNS whose HELP is highly valued and scarce relative to demand


… will be ignored and shut out of opportunities they need to earn a living


… by everyone who can find a better offer.




The more businesspeople lose their anonymity because of the internet,


… the more social, familial, marital, financial and competitive pressures increase on them


… to give up their pride, arrogance, conceits and pretentions


… and create a collegial, strategic, competitive and satisfying work culture


… in which everyone is encouraged and supported in fulfilling their financial intentions


because that is in everyone else’s interest.



So, when the “right thing to do” is use Aji to Work strategically and competitively,


… and they need to read some papers or watch some videos in order to learn what that means,


… they’ll do it.



I expect our work on constituting “Aji Culture” will also begin to reveal what is really behind the still vague complaints about Boomers, or “OK, Boomer”, that have not yet crystalized culturally…but will as people realize what they’ve done.


You, see, The Boomers know, and knew, the difference between right and wrong in their household finances, parenting, governance of the country, etc., and blew it off whenever they could get away with it, e.g. with their marriage, parenting, household finances and governing the country’s finances.


When faced with doing the “right thing” financially, which they knew to include saving enough money for their spouse and themselves in old age, they erred in favor of spend money they could not afford to spend as “arrested adolescents” so they could do and have what they preferred, desired or wanted when they wanted it, and to impress others.



In IR#3 businesses and businesspeople could treat their colleagues as hard working, busy, determined and commonsensical workers whose personal foibles, pretentions, conceits, prideful behavior, arrogance and lack of dignity at home could be overlooked for the sake of getting the job done.


The problem is that in IR#4’s rapidly changing, intensely competitive, complex and technologically advanced competitive situations, the only way to compete successfully enough to earn a living, or become rich, is by building and using powerful Networks of Capabilities,


… which only form around businesspeople who are dignified.



Structurally, the internet has ruined privacy as well as our ability to hide or remain anonymous when we misbehave, are undignified, act like jerks, decline to adapt and learn, or offer help that is obsolete, uncompetitive and mediocre.


Perhaps, more to the point, the internet enables businesspeople who are trustworthy, valuable, have real authority, who can hold leadership roles and who live with dignity,


… to be known or discovered throughout the global marketplace


… so they can build powerful Networks of Capabilities


… and abandon anyone whose business skills are obsolete, mediocre and uncompetitive.



It is these combinations of social, competitive and financial pressures that make building “Aji Culture” so much fun. 


It’s a massive dose of HELP about how to think and act in a global marketplace organized around using computers and the internet


… that makes sense and is easy to learn,


… and whose outcomes are highly valued and terribly scarce relative to demand.



It gives:


Businesspeople a real reason as well as the means to increase their productivity, value and incomes


Everyone who is resigned and suffering because their incomes and savings are too low new capabilities to do something about it, which improves their moods at work immediately


Good people who are serious about their marriage, parenting and household finances a reason to think and act with dignity and to remain employed or in your network


Businesspeople a new set of ethical business practices to learn and adopt that pay off for them, in addition to being the “right” way for many businesspeople to think and act




New Leadership Offers and Opportunities!!!



And, finally, it gives businesspeople who already know Aji (YOU),


… an expanding series of fresh, new leadership offers, practices, narratives, strategies and roles to make in the marketplace


… to build and establish superior identities about your trustworthiness, value, authority and leadership


… or, to execute The Strategy


… and increase your incomes.




See you at the conference!




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