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Please join us for The 2018 Aji Network Conference on June 7-8:




Get on With It!

Leading, Managing and Governing

IR#4 Incomes, Careers and Businesses

In the Public Pivot!






Join us at this year’s Aji Network Conference on June 7-8, 2018 along with the entire LEIP Program to increase your inventories of IR#4 Tactics and Strategies to:


Get On With It!



To lead, manage and govern in the most rapidly changing, intensely competitive, increasingly complex and technologically advanced global marketplace in human history, 

… IR#4 businesspeople find themselves having to transition how they and their Networks of Capabilities think and act from labor-based task-orientation to strategic orientation.


I call this transition, which is rippling throughout the global marketplace, The IR#4 Scramble and Sort.  

In the transition from IR#3 to IR#4 we do our best to attract ambitious businesspeople who are serious about earning an IR#4 income and have them learn IR#4 Strategic Knowledge so that they can afford to survive, be free and live a good life throughout their entire life.

At the same time it’s important to accept the declines of those who are unable, unambitious or who are gripped by IR#3 Business Bullshit and will not let go of it.  I’ll speak about this more at the conference.


Since everyone now knows that IR#3 incomes are not nearly high enough to fulfill their intentions to make “enough money” to survive, be free to adapt to changing circumstances and live a good life throughout people’s expected lifespans, there’s nothing much else to do but sort out our Networks of Capabilities and get on with it.

To “Get On With It!” we will anchor ourselves in our IR#4 financial, career and business intentions at this year’s Aji Network Conference.  We will focus on how to produce fundamental, strategic and tactical competitive advantages when we lead, manage and govern our incomes, careers and businesses using The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy to produce very high IR#4 incomes.

Every presentation at the conference will show how to use The Strategy and its tactical and strategic competitive advantages to design steady streams of fresh, new, highly-valued and scarce marginal utilities to produce fundamental competitive advantages, or monopolies, to maximize your identities (TVAL), networks and strategic capabilities.

My opening presentation of “Get On With It!” will include showing how The Strategy is used to produce tactical, strategic and fundamental competitive advantages as well as a brief explanation of IR#3 Business Bullshit, which needs to be seen very clearly before you can be free of it and get on with fulfilling your Life, Financial and Business Ambitions.

I urge you to bring guests from your Networks of Capabilities so that they can build their skills and see for themselves there’s a much more effective, strategic and competitive way of doing business in IR#4 than they could possibly imagine.  

The Aji Network Conference establishes a new set of IR#4 practices for competitive learning and building Networks of Capabilities throughout the marketplace IR#4 businesspeople need to learn.  I think it’s very safe to say your guests will have an entirely new experience of what it means to be a successful businessperson in IR#4.

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